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"There is no brilliance without passion."

Lior is an Austrian director who has created award- winning work with diverse artists and companies around the world. His own style includes telling stories through music videos, which turns them into cinematic art works. His latest movie „Mania“ has been nominated in 3 different categories at the Madrid International Film Festival. 

Ever since he was a child he knew exactly who he wanted to be. 

His father was occupied with photography at that time, so it would not be exaggerated to say he was born into the world of imagery.


He got his first video camera at the age of 10. While his classmates were busy playing around, Lior would grab his camera and film videos. Each memory of his childhood is intertwined with his cameras. When he was 16 he started working for the Austrian TV channel ATV as a studio assistant in the evenings. He wanted to get closer to his passion in the most professional way he could afford while studying. Because of his graduation Lior had to quit the job. Nevertheless he promised himself to continue following his dream.   


From productions for the european TV to private productions Lior learned a lot, expanded his skills and network and broadened his horizon. Even in Hollywood Lior has established his reputation and met several famous producers, actors and actresses. What he was searching for he couldn't find, so he decided to call it into being. He proves that everything is possible with the right know-how and the latest technology. A lot of talent and ability is connected to the attention to detail. Years of work and close supervision proved him, that founding his own production company „Exceptional Pictures“ in 2011 was the right thing to do to fulfill his dream. Going all the way from working at multiple studios worldwide to founding his own was not so easy. To be able to think outside of the box and develop the courage it takes to realize that you possess the wit and creativity to be by far the best, did not come overnight. As he puts it, “Every day of my life passed, striking my mind with new ideas to quench my thirst for what my true passion lays in: Directing."

The critical leading character and the good eye for capturing the right moment has stayed with him until today. 

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