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Imagine if you had the opportunity to go back in time to witness the rich history of your ancestors. Sound impossible? Not to me.  I, put all my focus into achieving this very goal. As a  filmmaker, i believe that filmmaking can be even more entertaining than the current status quo, “How?”, you may ask.  

With Virtual reality. 


I do not bring the story to the viewer I bring the viewer into the story.


The journey started in the center of Europe, Vienna Austria. I established the first bus tour in the world that runs around the city center during the present, while travelling back into the past. Having been an absolute success, it became a one-of-a-kind result that provides the viewers with the opportunity to meet and greet the people and characters who made Austria what it is today. To illustrate, Dr. Sigmund Freud at the city Rathaus, Prince Eugene in the battle of Belgrade, archduke Maximilian discussing his secret plans against Napoleon’s imperial army and many, many more.


Yet, now, it’s going even further. The most famous and opulent palace in all of Austria is the next location where the magic is taking place - Schönbrunn Palace! Together, in cooperation with the Research and Documentation Department of Schönbrunn, i have created a never-before experienced opportunity that affords you the occasion to witness Austria’s most famous family. The royal Habsburgs. The viewer is right along with them, in good times as well as those that were not. The palace was recreated as it was back in the days, a travel through over hunderts of years back in time. 


“With the latest technology and technic, I bring back the authentic spirit of the royal palace which gives the viewer a never before experience.”

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